100 Days of Justice, Joy & Solidarity

Dear Friends,

At this time in history, we’re facing an unprecedented global pandemic and economic crisis. We’re interconnected and will get through this together — or not at all.

And while I communicate for a living, I know words aren’t enough right now. We’ve heard from so many of our members in recent weeks and are grateful for what you’ve shared with us. Many of our neighbors, co-conspirators, and loved ones — maybe even you — face a crisis of unimaginable proportions.

Our world has been turned upside down, and every inequity and injustice from our old broken systems surfaced. The grief, fear, uncertainty, and suffering on our planet is palpable.

If you’ve been connected to us for a while, you know TakeAction Minnesota is not just a political organization but a political home. Members founded TakeAction 14 years ago because they believed that a different world was possible — and they saw how to build that world.

Our members and their clear vision are why we as TakeAction Minnesota can and will rise to meet this moment.

As a grassroots organization, we’re moving forward with our members and the collective wisdom of the thousands of Minnesotans from every race, gender, and age who’ve shaped TakeAction into the organization you know today:

  • The leaders who fought for single-payer health care decades before a pandemic threatened health coverage for millions of Americans.
  • The workers who organized and won paid sick days in three cities before a public health crisis.
  • Our members who’ve been organizing tirelessly for a politics that dismantles structural racism, gender oppression, and corporate power in our democracy.

Now, we’re in a time like no other. Fighting and dreaming of the world we need in real time. There’s no going back to the old, broken one. Our liberation — our survival — is bound together.

In the coming days, we’re rolling out a new campaign we’re calling, “100 Days of Justice, Joy and Solidarity.” With our members, we’re using every tool we have to move forward. We’re building community and solidarity, sharing resources, finding joy in the struggle, leaning into each other, growing our political consciousness, and building the people-power we need to make sure no one is left behind.

We’re bringing in artists, poets, and cultural workers who are critical to surviving these times and compensating them for their vital work. You can expect more content, experiments, music, artwork, online organizing opportunities, community-building, and TikTok videos.

Send us your feedback and ideas. We want to hear from you. And know that we’ll get through this together.

Kenza Hadj-Moussa

Director of Public Affairs & Communications

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