Act With Us This Week for Lower Rx Drug Costs Now

No matter what we look like, or where we come from, we all get sick – and we all deserve access to the medicines we need without sacrificing on groceries or struggling to pay rent.   

During the Lower Rx Drug Costs Week of Action (February 8-12), we’re calling on the Minnesota Legislature to pass measures that lower prescription drug costs and ensure lifesaving medicines are affordable and accessible to all.

✅ Establishing a Prescription Drug Affordability Board

✅ Expanding the power of the Attorney General’s office to stop price-gouging

✅ Negotiating prices of publicly purchased prescription drugs

Medicine is a public good. Most new drugs are developed by our public tax dollars. We, the people, make the investments that lead to life-saving drugs – including insulin and the COVID-19 vaccine.  Under current law, #BigPharma is allowed to extract huge profits by price-gouging life saving medicine. These corporations try to divide and scare us by claiming high prices are necessary to foot the bill for innovation of newer and better medicines.  

But we know better.

We’re organizing across race, class, and age to #ChangeTheRules and pass commonsense regulations that hold corporations accountable and rein in pharmaceutical corporations’ monopoly control over prices. We’re ready to win affordable prescription drugs in 2021.

We need to make our legislators hear us: make the will of the people clear this week by taking action with us each day.   

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