TakeAction’s Liz Doyle Q-A: Health exchange must be consumer-friendly and help small buisnesses

Minnesota’s health insurance exchange — a landmark piece of state legislation — has drawn lobbyists and interest groups attempting to shape the far-reaching policy to the Capitol en masse this

Dan McGrath builds on a life of social change for TakeAction Minnesota

Dan McGrath didn’t exactly spring from the womb as a community organizer, but he might as well have. Fourteen years of Catholic school and having a priest for an uncle

Minnesota woman guest of first lady

Michelle Obama shared company with a Minneapolis woman Tuesday, Feb. 12, at the State of the Union address on Capitol Hill. Because of a chronic health problem, Abby Schanfield, 21,

Minnesota health care advocate to sit with First Lady during State of the Union

WASHINGTON — Minnesotan Abby Schanfield will sit in the star-studded First Lady’s box at the State of the Union on Tuesday night. Schanfield is a recent University of Minnesota graduate

House, Senate introduce bills to keep MinnesotaCare

House and Senate lawmakers want to move to the next stage of federal health care reforms without scrapping innovative state programs like MinnesotaCare. The 20-year-old program, which provides affordable health

How to Vote Down Voter ID: Minnesotans defeat the GOP’s plan to restrict the franchise

In late October, two weeks before the election, amid the glut of attack ads, a TV commercial appeared in Minnesota that grabbed everyone’s attention. It opens on former Governor Arne

Exchange advances despite controversey

Battles over administration of health care marketplace play out in committeeJanuary is generally not the time of year for four-hour committee hearings at the Capitol. But Wednesday’s gathering of the