Minnesota’s new health laws: We’ve got answers to your questions

It was a big session for health legislation at the Minnesota Capitol. Lawmakers expanded the Medicaid insurance program in February and met a federal deadline in March to pass legislation

Minnesota politics shaped by grassroots involvement

What a difference one election can make. The list of populist achievements in this year’s legislative session is long and impressive. Marriage equality. A new health care exchange free of

Corporate Tax Loopholes Hurting Education System in Minnesota

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – May 10, 2013Contact: Emily Bisek, 952.237.2429, emilyb@local284.comGreta Bergstrom, 651.336.6722, greta@takeactionminnesota.org CORPORATE TAX LOOPHOLES HURTING EDUCATION SYSTEM IN MINNESOTA, NEW REPORT FINDSReport released Friday links corporate tax loopholes

‘Ban The Box’ Bill In Minnesota Could Help Ex-Offenders Get Jobs

A few hours before the cops clapped handcuffs on him, James Cannon, a student at the University of Minnesota, was feeling better than ever about his prospects for the future:

Profiles in Excellence: Justin Terrell rages against the machine

The system is broken and it needs to be fixed. For Justin Terrell it is just that simple. The current way the country goes about servicing and caring for its

Advocates push to close corporate tax loopholes in Minnesota

Advocates are pressing Minnesota legislators to close tax loopholes and prevent companies from shifting income to offshore subsidiaries to avoid paying taxes. TakeAction Minnesota says that companies are avoiding paying

Complaint alleges unfair hiring practices at Target Corporation

Instead of employing capable and qualified workers, many claim the Target Corporation would rather employ unfair hiring practices that disproportionately exclude African-Americans. Ten African-American Minnesotans filed formal complaints with the