Gene Nichols, I Oppose the Photo ID Amendment

This morning I stood at the Capitol with TakeAction Minnesota Executive Director Dan McGrath to draw the line between the 1% and conservative-introduced amendments that would make a photo ID

Jess Alexander, What We Wouldn’t Trade California For

I am organizing a new economy for a long list of reasons.  In our current economy, thousands of motivated, hard-working people can’t find jobs.  Other are chained to their jobs,

Sarah Greenfield, Exchange Governance Recommendations: A Mixed Bag for Minnesotans

The Affordable Care Act will expand health care to 300,000 Minnesotans – most of whom will find coverage through the state’s new “Health Benefits Exchange.”  Yesterday, the state’s “Exchange Task

Liz Doyle, GOP Ready to Back the 1% in 2012 Session

The Legislative Session in Minnesota begins next week, and lawmakers are expected to quickly become embroiled in a set of fights that pit wealthy corporate special interests against the well-being

Ann Marie Metzger, Governing the Health Exchange

Last week, Together For Health leader Ann Marie Metzger submitted these comments on the governance of the Health Insurance Exchange: I would like to comment on the recommendations made with

Chris Tanita, My Story — and 11,000 of My Neighbors

When I accepted an invitation to be a leader with TakeAction Minnesota’s Together for Health Campaign in the summer of 2008, I really underestimated what I was saying yes to

Dolores Voorhees, Who Should An Exchange Be Built For?

On December 21, I attended a meeting of the Health Insurance Exchange Advisory Task Force in St. Cloud.  The agenda consisted of reports from the Financing, Long-Term Governance and Navigators/Brokers