Martha Skold, Ugly Words Harm All of Us

A few weeks ago, on a morning talk show on KDWB, a song was written and performed by Steve LeTart entitled “30 Hmongs in a House”.  The lyrics are full of racism, sexism and bigotry and the delivery was full of smug disdain for a culture different from that of the three white talk show

Steve Rogness, Thanks Taxes!

On Tax Day this year, I have been thinking about all that I have to thank taxes for, and the list is long. Thanks to taxes, I got a great education in our public school system, then went on to college with low-interest loans. My wife was able to buy our house in 2005 thanks

Liz Loeb, Reclaiming Our History: Fair Hiring, Criminal Records, and a Legacy of Discrimination

Not every gets a fair chance in Minnesota.  We pride ourselves on being good neighbors and good community members, but we still live in a state that doesn’t really offer opportunity for all. One out of every five Americans has a prior criminal record.  Current hiring practices make it almost impossible for someone with a

Liz Loeb, Still Not Funny

Last week, Victori Vu’s response to the KDWB song “30 Hmongs in a House,” And You Thought That Was Funny? appeared on this blog.  The lyrics of the song were an attack on Hmong people and culture, and a misogynist objectification of Hmong-American women.  The song was badly rhymed, ineptly metered, and is still, one

Ann Marie Metzger, The Fight Goes On!

When TakeAction Minnesota’s Together for Health Care team launched our campaign on February 26th, one of our goals was to highlight ways that HMOs and private insurance companies are profiting from our public medical assistance programs. We objected to the billions of dollars of surplus and profits held by these insurance companies in their “reserves.”

Chong Lee, Hmong History in the SPPS

In 2009, I joined the Hmong Organizing Program at TakeAction Minnesota. I took on the role as the secretary in the Hmong Education Committee. That year the education committee launched the work to get Hmong history implemented in Saint Paul Public Schools. Throughout my leadership growth at TakeAction Minnesota, I’ve learned appropriate tools to build

Victori Vu, And They Thought That Was Funny?

Growing up, I used to be a KDWB listener. I’d tune in every morning as it kept me company on my drive from home to college every day. I was a KDWB fan even before Dave Ryan joined the radio station in the early to mid 90’s. Last month, KDWB made a mockery of the