It’s not enough to call essential workers “heroes.” It’s time to pay up.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the Tiger King part of the pandemic. I’d just landed my job here at TakeAction, and I was painting my friend Maddy’s kitchen and

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Let’s #MakeItRight for Essential Workers

It’s been two years since we started calling frontline workers “essential” as they kept our state running during the pandemic. They showed up every day, including without proper personal protective equipment (PPE) for most of the first year of the pandemic. These nearly 700,000 health care workers, educators, food service workers, janitors, security officers, government employees, meatpackers, and more risked their lives to go to work, while hundreds of thousands of Minnesotans have gotten sick and nearly 10,000 have died.  

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Solidarity with educators = better schools + stronger communities

We have enough for all. With more than a $9 billion dollar state budget surplus, it’s time for the state of Minnesota to fully fund education, so every child has an equal opportunity to receive a high-quality education and thrive – now, and into adulthood. The money is there to give all students and educators – across the state – the resources they need.  

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Organizing an ‘unstoppable force for good’ in Central Minnesota

This is the story of the moment when I decided: Enough is enough. I’m going to find Central Minnesota neighbors who will stand beside me against Trump and Trumpism, for communities that protect, include, and value everyone — across race, gender, sexuality, immigration status, income, and disability.

Greater Minnesota Summit: Saturday, March 12, 10am-2pm

Feeling lost in the political woods? Join us at the Greater Minnesota Summit.

Those of us who live in northern Minnesota and have progressive political opinions need a political home.  

Greater Minnesota Summit: Saturday, March 12, 10am-2pm

Why we (DyAnna + Cierra) want to build power with you in Greater Minnesota

If you haven’t met us before, we’re TakeAction organizers DyAnna and Cierra. Here’s why we care about building power with you in Greater Minnesota – and why we want to

Join us at our Greater Minnesota Summit on March 12!

Join us at the Greater Minnesota Summit on Saturday, March 12 from 10am to 2pm via Zoom. As the Right tries to divide us by stoking fear and misinformation in