Doug Williams, Wisconsin Gov. Walker’s Attacks On The Middle Class

It’s not complicated. It’s actually pretty straight forward. It’s not about the money concessions being demanded from state workers. It is about a power-grab by major corporations to weaken unions, weaken

Steve Rogness, Part I: Minnesota and Wisconsin United – As Always – To Stand For Workers’ Rights!

Minnesota’s outpouring of support in solidarity with Wisconsin’s fight for workers’ rights has been truly amazing. Only days after the situation materialized, Minnesota’s labor movement was organizing one rally after

Gene Nichols, A Healthier Minnesota For All Of Us

I often compare important issues that occur around the country to those that are critical to me as a Minnesotan.  At first, I assumed nothing could be worse than taking

Dan McGrath, Governor’s Budget Shows We’re All In This Together

A year ago at this time Tim Pawlenty was still our governor and the main topic of conversation at the state capitol was whether or not the legislature would ratify his unilateral cuts to necessary

Mark Schultz, Keynote Speech Given At TakeAction Minnesota’s Annual Meeting

There are really two questions I want to ask this afternoon: Where are we now, politically, socially, economically? and Who and What are we in this historical moment? So —

Chris Conry, Raise Taxes on the Wealthy to Encourage Public Spending

Our $6.2 billion state budget deficit is unprecedented.  In fact, some would argue it’s the perfect storm: an unpredictable recession triggered by an unforeseen speculative asset bubble that was an

Julie Schnell, Repeal Would be Job Killing

This post first appeared at www.mn2020.org on January 31, 2011. “… if your interest is to make health care available to more Americans, this should be a happy day for