Dan McGrath, What’s It Going To Take?

Here are three facts about our economy that make me mad. Fact #1: The median wage for American workers have barely increased in 30 years.  As prices rise and consumer

Dan McGrath, Who Should Win?

From the Arab spring to the protests over union rights in Wisconsin, and from Minnesota’s state government shutdown to the debt ceiling debate, 2011 stands out as a year where

Sarah Greenfield, Super Heroes, Super Villains, Super Congress

What do super-heroes, super-villains, and the Super Committee have in common? Complicated origin stories, huge ambitions, and the future in their hands. Oh – and a good bit of secrecy.

Elizabeth Lienesch, Tax Wall Street

Leaders and staff from TakeAction were proud to join members of the Minnesota Nurses Association at the fair yesterday evening to tell Minnesota’s Congressional Delegation to “Tax Wall Street to

Frank Brown, Why do we need fair hiring?

What happens when people come out of prison after serving their sentence?  Are they truly done serving their sentence?  These days, with most employers refusing to consider those with a

The Fight For Our State Has Just Begun

Late last week, Governor Dayton and Republican legislative leaders struck a “framework” budget deal that would close a $1.4 billion budget gap and end the longest government shutdown in state

Anna Cioffi, LSP Takes the Beginning Farmer Message to D.C.

As you read this, central Minnesota farmer and LSP member Nolan Lenzen is in Washington, D.C., carrying a simple, but critical, message: agriculture is a growing and vibrant sector of