Liz Loeb, Safe Gun Laws Make for Good Neighbors

This Thursday, April 28th the Minnesota House Public Safety Committee will hear HF1467, an omnibus gun bill commonly referred to as “Shoot First.” Introduced by Tony Cornish (R), “Shoot First”

Martha Skold, Ugly Words Harm All of Us

A few weeks ago, on a morning talk show on KDWB, a song was written and performed by Steve LeTart entitled “30 Hmongs in a House”.  The lyrics are full

Steve Rogness, Thanks Taxes!

On Tax Day this year, I have been thinking about all that I have to thank taxes for, and the list is long. Thanks to taxes, I got a great

Liz Loeb, Reclaiming Our History: Fair Hiring, Criminal Records, and a Legacy of Discrimination

Not every gets a fair chance in Minnesota.  We pride ourselves on being good neighbors and good community members, but we still live in a state that doesn’t really offer

Liz Loeb, Still Not Funny

Last week, Victori Vu’s response to the KDWB song “30 Hmongs in a House,” And You Thought That Was Funny? appeared on this blog.  The lyrics of the song were

Ann Marie Metzger, The Fight Goes On!

When TakeAction Minnesota’s Together for Health Care team launched our campaign on February 26th, one of our goals was to highlight ways that HMOs and private insurance companies are profiting

Chong Lee, Hmong History in the SPPS

In 2009, I joined the Hmong Organizing Program at TakeAction Minnesota. I took on the role as the secretary in the Hmong Education Committee. That year the education committee launched