Chris Tanita, My Story — and 11,000 of My Neighbors

When I accepted an invitation to be a leader with TakeAction Minnesota’s Together for Health Campaign in the summer of 2008, I really underestimated what I was saying yes to and the possibilities to advance my vision for Minnesota.

Never was this more clear than the day I stood at the State Capitol with other TakeAction Minnesota members as Governor Dayton signed a bill to expand health care access to thousands of Minnesotans.  I choked back tears at the signing, thinking of all the work we had done – the meetings, trainings, phonebanks, actions, etc  –  to make the moment possible.    Thousands of people would have access to the health care they deserve.

I didn’t realize at the time that more than 11,000 of my neighbors were standing with me in that room.  I didn’t know that central to each meeting, action, and victory are thousands of Minnesotans across the state who are members of TakeAction Minnesota and contribute financially to make this work possible.

I now know that my story is tied to more than 11,000 other Minnesotans who make the work – and victories – of TakeAction Minnesota a reality.  Their faces aren’t at every meeting or action, but they are the critical fuel that advances progressive values in Minnesota.

Recently, TakeAction Minnesota members shattered our $25,000 match goal, raising an additional $6,000 to advance social, racial, and economic justice in Minnesota.  Thank you to more than 1000 Minnesotans from across the state that made this possible.  Thank you especially to all of our new sustaining members who made the commitment to make a monthly gift for the long-haul so we can take smart, bold risks together that bring about big change.

But the success isn’t about the number – it’s about what it makes possible, how much further we can push the envelope, and making concrete change that improves people’s lives.

And your opportunity to join us in making more possible is just a click away.

Chris Tanita

Chris is a Sustaining Member.  She became TakeAction Minnesota’s Development Manager in the summer of 2011, after 3 years as a leader with our Together for Health Campaign.

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