COVID-19: Update from TakeAction Minnesota

Dear Friends,

We’re writing with a quick update about shifts at TakeAction Minnesota as we face COVID-19 in our state.

First, we know the only way we’ll get through this is together. As daily life changes, TakeAction will continue to be a political home for progressives in Minnesota online.

Starting Monday, March 16, TakeAction Minnesota will be shifting primarily to remote work for four weeks in all of our offices. It’s clear that practicing social distancing is the best thing we can do for the common good at this time.

Stay on the look out for changes to in-person meetings as we shift to digital platforms.

We’re grateful we’re able to shift to remote, people-centered organizing work with our members that meets this moment, as every inequity in our broken systems surfaces during this crisis.

It’s as critical as ever that we’re building multi-racial, multi-generational, gender inclusive solidarity across the state to respond to COVID-19 immediately and long-term.

Take action right now by joining our broadcast text list. Text ACTION to 79606 to join.

In solidarity,

The whole team at TakeAction Minnesota

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