Federal Logjam Over Basic Health Plan Begins to Clear

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HHS Statement Offers Clear Path Forward for MinnesotaCare

St. Paul, MN – TakeAction Minnesota’s Associate Director Liz Doyle, issued this response following today’s announcement by the federal department of Health and Human Services that a timeline has been developed for states like Minnesota wishing to pursue a Basic Health Plan (BHP) option in the Affordable Care Act:

“We applaud today’s HHS decision to provide a more definitive timeline for the issuance of federal guidance on the Basic Health Program. BHP is a critical component of the Affordable Care Act to ensure affordable coverage for low-income people across the country. In Minnesota, the BHP is a valuable federal financing option to support and improve the MinnesotaCare program.

“Today’s HHS statement gives Minnesota policymakers much needed assurance that BHP financing will be made available to the state to support MinnesotaCare in 2015.

“We greatly appreciate the leadership of Governor Dayton and Commissioner Jesson for their continued thoughtful and careful stewardship of the MinnesotaCare program as the state implements the Affordable Care Act. We also thank the federal delegation, especially Senators Franken and Klobuchar, for advocating for the health and well-being of MinnesotaCare families. Finally, we wish to thank Senator Lourey and Representative Murphy for leading on this issue in the Minnesota Legislature.

“Today’s announcement gives greater clarity to the path forward to keep and improve MinnesotaCare. Minnesota policymakers now have a clear opportunity to preserve an effective public health care program, attract substantial long-term federal funds for MinnesotaCare, and ensure that no Minnesotan takes a step backward in health care in 2014.

“Preserving and improving MinnesotaCare is a win-win for the health of low-income Minnesota families and the fiscal health of the state. We would urge policymakers to quickly and fully capitalize on this valuable opportunity.”

For more information on the Basic Health Plan option and today’s HHS announcement, please visit http://medicaid.gov/State-Resource-Center/Frequently-Asked-Questions/Downloads/ACA-FAQ-BHP.pdf

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