We’re just getting started: Recapping our Greater Minnesota Summit + what’s next

Last weekend’s Greater Minnesota Summit was a joy. More than 50 Minnesotans attended, and we’re so grateful for the stories we heard and the connections we made across the state.

Together, we learned how to:

🎓 Counter the right-wing campaign to restrict what students learn about race, racism, and gender in public schools;

💕 Have meaningful one-to-one conversations to build deep relationships for organizing;

💸 Feel powerful, not fearful, raising the money we need for grassroots campaigns;

🤗 Sustain civic engagement over the long haul;

👂 Have compassionate, curious conversations with our neighbors for reflection and persuasion; and

🎤 Tell our stories powerfully to spark connection and action.

Images (clockwise from top left): Chris Williams of Education Minnesota presenting on right-wing efforts to divide us by manufacturing a panic around “critical race theory,” White Bear Lake school board member Jessica Ellison tells her story of running for office, Greater Minnesota organizer DyAnna Grondahl shares her vision for Greater Minnesota, TakeAction Minnesota leader Laura Gannon talks about her decision to run for school board and closes out the Summit

Our time together was just the beginning. To everyone who was able to make it: thank you. We’re looking forward to building progressive people power with you. For those of you we have yet to meet, same goes!

Let’s keep learning and building connections together. Join us at our Greater Minnesota team meeting on Thursday, April 7 from 6-7:30pm via Zoom. Register now!

As we (DyAnna and Cierra) shared at the Summit, we’re coming together to organize our communities out of love, and build toward our vision of Greater Minnesota where:

  • Our schools are fully funded and safe. Every classroom has a social worker and every school has a clinic.
  • Our schools are staffed by teachers who reflect the diversity of the student body. Classrooms are places where students can be their most curious, and teachers are supported in embracing conversations about race, gender, ability, the LGBTQIA+ community, and our nation’s true history.
  • Our communities are deeply engaged, and our kids and schools are at the center.
  • We respect, include, and value every human being – across race, gender, sexual orientation, ability, and immigration status.

If you believe in that vision and want to be part of making it a reality, come to our Greater Minnesota team meeting on Thursday, April 7 from 6-7:30pm. Sign up today.

Not able to make it to the Summit? Send us an email to get access to the recording and meeting resources.

With gratitude and in solidarity,

DyAnna (she/her), Greater Minnesota Organizer
Cierra (she/her), Central Minnesota Organizer

P.S. Interested in having compassionate conversations with neighbors for persuasion and reflection? Sign up for our Greater Minnesota Deep Canvass Pilot!

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