Alejandra Medrano

Human Resources and Executive Manager

Amanda Otero

Deputy Director

Ashley Northey

Statewide Field Manager

Bahieh Hartshorn

Movement Politics Manager

Bethany Murray

Development Manager

Britton Mikkelsen

St. Cloud Organizer

Camille Mitchell

Finance & Operations Coordinator

Chavah Gabrielle

Care Organizer

Elianne Farhat

Executive Director

Jamila Mame

Women of Color Organizer

Jessica Zimmerman

Director of Organizational Effectiveness and Culture

Kenza Hadj-Moussa

Director of Public Affairs & Communications

Laurie Beckman Yetzer

Budget & Finance Manager

LyLy Vang-Yang

Care Organizer

Magdalena Kaluza

Climate Organizer

Marcie Moravec

Director of Finance & Operations

Patrick Burke

Digital Strategist

Sabrina Mauritz

Organizing Director

Yafiet Bezabih

Database Adminstrator