I’m Voting for Reproductive Freedom on Nov. 6

My name is Aliya, and I am TakeAction Minnesota’s deputy communications director.

I’m excited to vote for candidates who will stand for reproductive freedoms this November—candidates like Tina Smith, Tim Walz, Peggy Flanagan, and Keith Ellison. They’ve pledged to fight for the rights of all Minnesotans so that no matter your gender, race, or zip code, all of us are able to make our own decisions about our bodies and our health care.

My mother grew up poor, in rural Pennsylvania, living part of her childhood with her grandmother because her parents didn’t have enough to make ends meet. Intergenerational trauma and poverty significantly limited the choices my mother had— and the choices that she even knew were possible.

My father immigrated from Pakistan, raising me and my sister in a small town in the Midwest as a single parent. I’m grateful for the sacrifices he made, but I wish he had more tools and resources so that he didn’t have to sacrifice so much.

I grew up in drastically different circumstances than either of my parents, with more resources and choices than they had. I believe that everyone should have access to the choices and care they need, not just a select few. 

A powerful group of conservative politicians are trying to pit reproductive rights against other issues, like immigration and economic justice. But we know they are one in the same. The decisions we make about our bodies are intimately connected with our families and communities.

I know that we can create a state where everyone has the access to the care they need to live joyful lives. The first step is to come together and make sure we win on November 6th.

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