It’s Our Duty to Hold Elected Officials Accountable.

TakeAction leader Luke Swanberg
Blog author Luke Swanberg is a TakeAction leader and union activist in St. Cloud, Minnesota.

Like most people of our country, I am angry. Angry with our leaders, angry with our fellow citizens. Watching debates, town halls and talking heads, I am reminded over and over again that 30 years of conservatives wielding the word “liberal“ as some kind of derogatory swear word has transformed good people into rank-and-file Trump supporters.

This brings me to our local elected officials. As you cast your ballot this election season – disgusted by the President’s behavior, lies, and complete void of policy knowledge – I urge you to hold our local elected Republicans accountable, too.

After all, I have not heard the likes of State Representatives Tim O’Driscoll and Tama Theis, or State Senators Jeff Howe or Jerry Relph, denounce Trumpism or use their power within their party to hold Trump accountable.

Likewise, Congressman Tom Emmer and Minnesota Senate Majority Leader Paul Gazelka have been openly campaigning with President Trump and enabling his petulance. It is a disgrace and a disservice to Minnesota voters: a cycle of blatant lies being consumed, repeated, and accepted without questioning.

Why is it that a party that claims to be of “faith, family, and freedom” (as seen on Senator Gazelka‘s billboards) or “Standing for Midwestern values“ (Tom Emmer’s billboard off of Highway 10) think so little of their constituents to blatantly obfuscate how little they have accomplished in their years of public service?

What do these politicians really mean when they tout these empty slogans? Minnesota voters: our elected officials are accountable to us and it is clear we cannot rely on these elected members to govern with our best interests at the center of policy – not corporate profits and political power.

Silence is complicity. We – the people – have the power to create a future where everyone has the freedom to thrive and live joyful, fulfilling lives. Our collective power at the polls is only one piece of the puzzle.

It’s crucial for each of us to show up at the polls this election season and swear in candidates who will put people at the center of policy. It’s just as important that we hold elected officials accountable for their actions and behavior.

Join me and TakeAction in having deep, meaningful conversations with Minnesota voters, leaders and candidates about the future we’re building together. Text CARE to 79606 to get involved.

Together, the people are unstoppable. Let’s do this!

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