Jane Booth-Tobin, Why is the Legislature Wasting our Time on Hate?

Today I joined over 600 Minnesotans in the middle of the workday to rally against the anti-marriage amendment at the Capitol.

African-American Lobby Day was going on just below us at the same time and Governor Dayton spoke to the crowd about the devastating impact of the conservative majority’s all-cuts budge.

I was struck by the seriousness of the problems that we face in Minnesota, and how crazy it is that the legislature is spending large chunks of the precious time left in this session not figuring out how to ensure Minnesotans have health care, not figuring out how to give our children the best education possible, and not figuring out how to make sure that we invest in the future of Minnesota.

Instead, they are wasting time trying to enact angry, bigoted legislation that doesn’t change a thing.  This amendment would only serve to bring a hate-filled and expensive fight to Minnesota, create countless problems for LGBT Minnesotans, and cause shame to future generations of Minnesotans.

The worst part is that they have spent entire days on this legislation before producing a balanced budget.

Stop wasting our time on hateful legislation that causes problems for thousands of Minnesotans, and start getting real about how we are going to create a budget that invests in Minnesota’s future.  Want the legislature to know that you want them to focus on a fair Minnesota, not a hateful one?  Join us this Saturday at the Capitol for the People’s Rally for a Fair Minnesota.

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