Kate, Sheila, and mutual support and care

On Tuesday, Sheila Nezhad and Kate Knuth endorsed each other for mayor of Minneapolis. This mutual support demonstrates that they’re already putting the wellbeing of our city and our movement for a progressive majority in City Hall before their own political careers or power.

It’s common sense that we should support candidates who care more about the future of the city than their personal power. The reality is that mayoral incumbent Jacob Frey has a well documented history of lying and fear mongering to protect his personal political power. He’s lied about prominent female politicians’ stances on the issues our city faces to bolster his own positions, and he’s sought out the women who’ve spoken out against him to berate and intimidate them. 

As a woman living in Minneapolis, I’m ready to elect a mayor who puts the people of our city before their personal power. And as a woman living in a world laden with patriarchal violence and condescension, I’m ready to elect a mayor who doesn’t rely on bullying and white male entitlement to hoard power. 

I’m ready to elect Kate or Sheila for mayor because I know that when women are represented in our halls of government, we all do better; our democracies thrive, and policies that support care work and families improve all of our livelihoods. I also know that patriarchy and sexism have created a very uneven playing field. In public opinion and the media, women in politics are met with scrutiny and criticism while men are given grace and forgiveness. 

Support Sheila’s and Kate’s campaigns with me. Donate today to fuel our political work, volunteer for a doorknock, and make your plan to vote by November 2nd. In Minneapolis, we are ready for a mayor who leads with honesty, care, and integrity. Let’s use the power of our wallets, our community connections, and our votes to win the leadership our city needs and deserves. 

Join me in taking action:

TakeAction Minnesota Communications Manager and blog author Jessie Lee-Bauder (and her cat, Rabbit).
  • Volunteer for Kate Knuth’s and Sheila Nezhad’s campaigns. 
  • Make your plan to vote by November 2nd, and make sure your family, friends, and neighbors have plans to vote too. 
  • Support our grassroots movement to protect our local democracy, expand public safety, and elect a progressive majority in Minneapolis this fall. Chip in today, and we’ll send you a #DontRankFrey t-shirt. 
  • Minneapolis residents know our current public safety is failing too many of our neighbors. Learn more about how we’re engaging with our community members to chart a new path forward in this great article, and join us to deep canvass for public safety at a phonebank or doorknock shift. 
  • We’re going to keep fighting for the policies we need after November 2nd. Join us at our People’s Celebration on December 11th for (virtual) community connection. Community is essential, and joy is medicine. Get your early bird ticket today!
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