KFAI morning radio show interviews Student Debt Cancellation Crew leader Megan on “cathARTsis”

purple background with white text that reads "student debt cancellation crew"

Bright and early this morning, DJs Barb Abney and Mason Butler of KFAI interviewed Student Debt Cancellation Crew leader Megan Finegan about tonight’s cathARTsis event featuring art depicting the impacts of student debt.

Listen to the interview here starting at the 7:27am mark. Then, sign up for tonight’s event, an artist talk and facilitated discussion kicking off at 6 p.m.

“People are calling out for student debt relief, for cancellation,” Megan said in the interview. “But some elected officials are not hearing us. Because of that, we decided to show them what it means to have student debt.”

That’s how the cathARTsis digital art exhibit came to be, Megan explained. With ceramics, paint, photographs, and more, five artists convey complex emotions and vulnerably share what it’s like to live with student debt. 

“We want people to see what art can do to change the narrative around student debt,” Megan told Abney and Butler. She explained that tonight’s event will include space to imagine what the world could look like if elected officials canceled student debt for good.

Concluding the interview, Megan extended an invitation to join the Student Debt Cancellation Crew. “We’re really all close now after starting back in April,” she said. “It’s such a great community and opportunity to connect while taking part in something really meaningful.”

Join the Student Debt Cancellation Crew now.