Meet Kate Knuth, candidate for Minneapolis Mayor

Kate Knuth, candidate for MPLS mayor

Who is Kate Knuth? 

Kate Knuth is a TakeAction Minnesota endorsed candidate for Minneapolis Mayor, along with policy expert and community organizer Sheila Nezhad. Kate is a strong advocate for climate justice, a scientist, a transformation scholar, a long-time civic leader, and a mom. She has served three terms in the Minnesota House of Representatives and led resilience initiatives for the City of Minneapolis.   

Rank Kate Knuth and Sheila Nezhad 1st or 2nd on your ballot – and #DontRankFrey. 

Why is Kate running for Minneapolis Mayor? 

Kate says she feels, “a strong sense of urgency,” and that in the face of racial injustice and climate change, “we must take bold action now to build the city we all need and deserve.” As a transformation scholar and experienced government leader, she feels equipped to lead the city at this critical moment.  

Why did TakeAction members vote to endorse Kate? 

🌎 Kate is a strong advocate for climate justice. 

🤲 Kate is an experienced public leader, equipped to take on complex issues facing our city. 

🔑 Kate stands with TakeAction on critical issues including housing justice and community safety. 

Where does Kate stand on key issues? 

✅ Kate supports the Yes 4 Minneapolis ballot initiative to create a new Department of Public Safety. 

✅ Kate supports rent stabilization. 

What are Kate’s values? 

🤝 Kate deeply values democracy and community engagement and sees government “as a partner with community.” 

💪 She leads with courage and commitment. 

💕 She believes Minneapolis should work for everyone – regardless of race, income, or ability.  

What are some things Kate has accomplished? 

As a state representative, Kate passed the Global Warming Solutions Act of 2008 and nation-leading policy on toxic chemical regulation called the Toxic Free Kids Act. 

Kate led a process to engage more than 2,000 Minneapolis residents to inform the city’s resilience strategies. 

Kate wrote her dissertation on how to drive transformative change. 

What are fun facts about Kate?

🥁 Kate was the drum major for her high school marching band. She talks about it in this podcast interview with Wedge Live. 

🐜 Ants are her favorite animal, and she’s had two giant millipedes as pets, Hank and Milton. 

🍊 Kate has worn orange every day for more than 20 years. 

Learn more about Kate

👂 Listen to her podcast, Courage for our City 

👀 Watch this interview with Wedge Live

📖 Read this profile in The Appeal. 

Early voting starts Sept. 17. Make your plan to be a voter. 

Rank Kate Knuth and Sheila Nezhad 1st or 2nd on your ballot – and #DontRankFrey. 

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