Movement Political Leadership Institute

There is so much at stake in this fall’s election, from flipping the Minnesota Senate to defeating Trumpism. We know it’s not going to be easy, and it’s going to take all of us, equipped with tools and strategies and a vision for what our communities in Minnesota deserve.

We’re excited to announce TakeAction Minnesota is launching the Movement Political Leadership Institute to strengthen the skills of members and leaders, support campaigns in winning elections in 2020, and develop shared people-centered governing practices for 2021.

This institute will run from July 21st to October 20th and include seven virtual trainings via Zoom. This training program is designed as an arc, and we are asking folks to commit to attending as many trainings as your schedule allows for. This institute is open and available to members of TakeAction, member institutions, and TakeAction MN endorsed candidates and campaign staff. 

Please check out all the trainings below, and register here. 

TRAINING DATES (All trainings will be hosted from 5:30PM-7:30PM): 

Tuesday, July 21st : CANVASSING DURING COVID TRAINING – Canvassing is a critical way to have powerful, persuasive conversations with voters. In the reality of a global pandemic, we must be ready to adapt to the moment we’re in. We will build and strengthen our skills around text and phone canvassing. Join us for this critical training! 

Tuesday, July 28th : VOLUNTEER RECRUITMENT TRAINING  – There is so much at stake in this election. This will take immense PEOPLE POWER. Join us for this training that will strengthen our skills around doing powerful asks of our friends, neighbors, comrades to build the people power in Minnesota. 

Tuesday, August 25th : RELATIONAL ORGANIZING DURING COVID TRAINING – At TakeAction Minnesota we are building for long-term systemic change, and we use elections as a vehicle to build long term people power. This training will ground us and strengthen our skills around organizing during COVID to build long-lasting power. 

Tuesday, September 8th : DIGITAL ORGANIZING TRAINING  – As a lot of engagement has moved online due to COVID, join us for this training that will introduce you to digital organizing skills, tools, and strategies to effectively mobilize and organize folks online. 

Tuesday, September 22nd: NARRATIVE TRAINING  – Join us for this critical narrative training that will dive into how we can use narrative to shape how we win elections. We will be digging into dominant narratives that work to divides us and replace them with narratives of connection and abundance. We will use this as an opportunity to strengthen our own stories, and how we can use them to build authentic and meaningful connections and conversations with voters.

Tuesday, October 6th : PROTECTING THE VOTE TRAINING  – Now, more than ever, we must work to protect our right to vote. Join us for this key training to build the skills on how we protect the vote and ensure the safety of all Minnesotans. We will dive into how to create a conversation plan with voters on how to early vote, and creative ways to engage voters around voting absentee. 

Tuesday, October 18th : BASE-BUILDING AND ABSORPTION TRAINING – Elections are a vehicle to bring new people into the movement, the work does not end after election day – it is the kick-off to absorbing folks into our movement to build long-lasting power. Join us for this training that will build the skills and provide tools and strategies to absorb newly engaged folks. 

If you are interested in joining us, make sure to register here.

Questions? Contact Bahieh at