Nakita’s Kittens and Vendetta Vixens: Politics Can Be Joyful and Sexy. Let’s Change the World!

This election season, the Vendetta Vixens, Nakita’s Kittens and TakeAction Minnesota joined up to add some art and joy into politics. Since our first sponsored performance collaboration at the St. Cloud Pride Burlesque and Drag show, we have been working together to bring conversations of queer liberation, body autonomy, and justice to the St. Cloud arts community.

Nakita's Kittens founder and producer Nakita Kat poses in front of a blue backdrop. She is wearing a yellow top, yellow nails and yellow lipstick, and her gaze is focused outside the frame. An X-Men tattoo is visible on Nakita's left bicep.
Nakita’s Kittens and Vendetta Vixens producer Nakita Kat advocates for body liberation and queer justice in St. Cloud and beyond.

We know that performers bring joy, community, and money into downtown St. Cloud, and that we protect our communities by voting for those who will stand with us.

Last week, TakeAction Minnesota and activist performers got together to talk about why being a voter is important this year.

We are embracing the notion that politics can be joyful, fun, and sexy – and can help us lead the way for a future where we all have a say on what we do with our bodies, our voices, and our art.

This election season, the Vendetta Vixens and Nakita’s Kittens are asking you to be a voter. Join them.

We are thrilled to join forces with Vendetta Vixens and Nakita’s Kittens, alongside producer Tyler Borresch, to create an attention-grabbing, engaging, and joyful GOTV public service announcement video (with music generously provided by M4 VaporWave). Inspired by PSAs by groups like Atlanta Exotic Dancers bringing attention to important issues through their art and influence, the performers shared their stories and message with the intention of encouraging Minnesotans to vote and to join our movement for shared liberation and joyful, fulfilling lives for everyone – no matter what you look like, the color of your skin, who you love, or where you live.

BE A VOTER PSA Video by Nakita’s Kittens and Vendetta Vixens of St. Cloud, MN.

Before shooting, performers gathered with two local candidates for office to share their experiences of being performers in St Cloud. Nakita Kat, founder and producer of Nakita’s Kittens, shared her experiences of being a performer and having to follow rules that were established by out-of-touch politicians – and not made in conversation with actual performers.

“Human Rights are not up for debate,” says Nakita Kat. “I teamed up with TakeAction to show why LGBTQ+, performers’, and Women’s Rights are important to me; why it’s so important to VOTE based on humanity and equality. TakeAction Minnesota has been a strong supporter of the Vendetta Vixens and Nakita’s Kittens burlesque troupes, advocating against censorship of our artform, and for equal rights and opportunity when it comes to our body and our choices.”

Nakita’s Kittens performer Acadia Fire shared what it was like to find liberation and joy with her own body through burlesque. Justin Uranus spoke about what politicians can do to make the downtown St. Cloud community safer and more supportive for performers.

Burlesque performer Justin Uranus poses for the camera. They are seated on a red chair and wearing a black fur coat and stage makeup, with a blue curtainin the background.
Performer and activist Justin Uranus contributed to the “Be A Voter” PSA and is a longtime a champion for queer liberation and reproductive justice in St. Cloud and across Minnesota.

Having candidates running for office listen, connect and commit to hearing from performers after the election was an incredible experience, since most performers don’t feel like their electeds care about them or their art, Nakita Kat says.

“We all deserve the right to do as we please with our bodies without fear of abusive practices. Join us in taking action and making the right choice in candidates this election season.”

These kinds of honest conversations between candidates and their future constituents are the core of TakeAction Minnesota’s work to make our government for the people We know that these conversations build stronger connections between those in power and those impacted, in turn building stronger, more joyful communities.

Interested in joining our Queer Peers table in St. Cloud? Send me an email: britton (at) takeactionminnesota.org.

Be a voter: check out our Busy Voter’s Guide to the 2020 election.

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