NEW RELEASE: “Don’t Rank Frey,” Minneapolis Mayoral Candidates Urge Voters

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October 20, 2021

ICYMI: “Don’t Rank Frey,” Minneapolis Mayoral Candidates Urge Voters

Mayoral Hopefuls Call On Minneapolis Residents to Leave Mayor Frey Off Their Ballots

(Minneapolis, MN) – In case you missed it, a growing number of Minneapolis mayoral candidates are calling on voters to leave incumbent Mayor Frey off their ballots this November. Many of the mayoral hopefuls have pointed to Frey’s repeated attempts to block the widely supported Yes 4 Minneapolis public safety charter amendment as evidence that the Mayor is more attuned to the concerns of dark money PACs and the police unions than of his constituents. 

Representative Ilhan Omar echoed the calls for new leadership as she publicly endorsed Democratic challengers Kate Knuth and Sheila Nezhad in a news conference outside City Hall on Monday. 

“I’m asking you not to rank our current mayor,” Omar said. “Both of these women are qualified and passionate. One of them would make an excellent leader for Minneapolis, and both of them would be a better fit for the city than the current mayor.”

Representative Omar’s endorsements come as recent polling shows only 35% of likely voters had a favorable opinion of Mayor Frey, a fifteen-point drop from August 2020. In addition to publicly opposing the public safety charter amendment, Mayor Frey, who has exclusive control of the Minneapolis Police Department, has failed to hold anyone accountable for the MPD’s “hunting” and attacking of peaceful protestors in the wake of George Flloyd’s murder last summer. 

You can read more about Representative Omar’s endorsement of Kate Knuth and Sheila Nezhand here.


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