NEWS STATEMENT: TakeAction Minnesota Statement on Super Tuesday Results and Grassroots Power Built to Last

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TakeAction Minnesota Statement on Super Tuesday Results and Grassroots Power Built to Last

ST.PAUL, MINN—The Democratic presidential primary race continues after Super Tuesday, with the race between Senator Bernie Sanders and Senator Joe Biden. TakeAction Minnesota released the following statement:

“We’re incredibly proud of the work TakeAction Minnesota members did this primary election, reaching out to 35,000 Minnesotans about Bernie Sanders and the multiracial, multigenerational, gender diverse movement behind him.

Like our partners in states across the country, we mobilized people who are too often left out of our political system: young people, renters, working class folks, students, and people of color.

We spoke to thousands of Minnesotans who have never voted in a primary election and who are ready to vote again in November. TakeAction members wore down their shoes canvassing apartment buildings, public housing units, and college campuses. We connected Minnesota’s progressive base to a nation-wide movement that is built to win the change our communities need. 

What the overall election results show is Minnesotans voted for candidates putting forward solutions at the scale of our problems, and are ready for a president representing a politics that match our progressive values. There is a clear path between now and July for Democrats to align behind a candidate ready to meet the urgency of this moment. 

To win in November, we need to invite everyone in and leave nobody out. We believe Bernie Sanders has the vision and the grassroots movement behind him to meet this moment, and we are continuing to build toward November and beyond.”


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