Our Mission and Values

MISSION: To unite the power of diverse individuals, communities and organizations in active grassroots democracy that builds racial, social and economic justice. 

VALUES: These values and this narrative was created by our members in 2016. TakeAction Minnesota and our members practice these values in our organizing work and in everything we do.  

We have enough for all. 
We believe in a Minnesota where each and every person’s needs are fully met, in this moment and for the future, with a belly full of healthy food, a stable roof over their head, clear water to drink, and clean air to breathe. We recognize that profound inequities are deeply woven into every element of our current state – the institutions that govern us, the structures of our economy, the air that we breathe. We are committed to the transformative work that is needed to rewrite the rules of our economy and our democracy to create a Minnesota where we can all thrive.  

Our wisdom is key to our liberation. 
We believe in a Minnesota where a person’s full identity and personhood is fully seen and respected. Where people can feel safe to live in their communities, to celebrate, to exist, without being perceived as a threat or treated as disposable. We believe in a Minnesota where everyone experiences the freedom to be our full selves, every day.   

We love and support each other. 
We believe in a Minnesota where our needs include not only those necessary for survival, but those that make our lives worth living: plenty of time with our loved ones, for creativity, for being outside in this beautiful state, for laughter and play. Celebrating and valuing the many different identities, heritages, cultures, and traditions that people and communities hold.   

We heal together. 
We work to heal the pain that simply existing in a world not built for us creates every day. We value and celebrate our full selves. We build deep connections grounded in love. We help people realize their power and throw off their shame to speak their truths. We challenge people to grow and to make their own voices heard. We recognize the pain and we recognize the joy in this work, and we act together through that, grounded in the legacies of resistance and creativity of our many peoples.   

We figure things out together. 
We celebrate that we are all connected to each other and to the land we live on and view these connections as a source of support that we can freely rely on without shame. It may look different, but the tentacles of corporate power, structural racism, and gender oppression reach even those who in many ways benefit from them. It is only by acting together that we will build the power to get free and build the Minnesota we dream of.   

We tell our truths. 
We believe in a Minnesota where we tell the truth about centuries of oppression and exploitation that started with stolen land and culture of Native people. That was built on stolen labor from kidnapped African peoples and Native people already here. A system of stolen labor that has evolved and is ever present in our communities today, now also sucking immigrant workers into its clutches. We actively work to repair and heal this harm, and all other harm, recognizing that only a community that repairs and heals from its harms can be sustained together over time.   

Co-governing is possible. 
We believe in a Minnesota where each and every person has the power to make the decisions that affect their community, their lives, and their futures — especially communities that have been violently denied opportunities for generations.   

Become a member. Be a part of the work that turns these values into a reality for Minnesotans and our movement.  

“This is the movement organization that gets our community issues on the table, issues that never usually get on the table.” 

LeAnn Littlewolf, Board Co-Chair