People’s House Series: First week of the legislative session

Minnesota State Capitol Building

Dear Friends,

Each week, the People’s House Series will share our progressive take on what’s happening at the people’s house (aka the Capitol).

My name is Kenza Hadj-Moussa. I’m the communications director at TakeAction Minnesota, co-leading our legislative work alongside Amanda Otero.

I have to tell you, this year feels different. It feels like a fresh start because it is.

We have a new Governor and Lt. Governor, diverse new commissioners, new progressive legislators, a bad ass Speaker of the House, and grassroots energy to get stuff done. (It’s a stark contrast to Washington. Day 17 of the shutdown…)

Here’s our take. This session is about creating the world we want to live in together. It’s about our underlying values and core beliefs, not as progressives, but as Minnesotans.

  • Everyone has inherent value, no exception.
  • We love and support each other.
  • There’s enough for all.
  • We trust the wisdom of our lived experience.
  • We heal together.
  • Lastly, we believe that the role of our elected officials is to carry out the will of the people.

DFL lawmakers are also leading with values (re: the Minnesota Values Project), introducing 10 bills the first week of session that reflect who we are and what we believe in as Minnesotans.

Together, we have the power to imagine a brighter future and co-create a democracy that’s truly people-centered.

TakeAction Minnesota’s People-Centered Agenda

TakeAction Minnesota’s legislative priorities are rooted in our values: we care about each other and the environment.

We must be able to care for our families and get the care we need. Regardless of our race, gender, or zip code, our lives are interconnected, and we’re stronger when no one is left out. And, our state is strongest when people have power over decisions that affect their lives.

We’re fighting for this people-centered agenda:

  1. MinnesotaCare Buy-In. The pathway to simple, affordable, universal health care is through public health insurance, not the failing private market. Minnesota should allow any individual or small business to buy into MinnesotaCare.
  2. Paid Family Leave & Earned Sick and Safe Time. No worker should have to choose between caring for themselves or a loved one and a paycheck.
  3. Freedom from Sexual Harassment. It’s time to end the culture of sexual harassment in the work place. We call on legislators to pass bipartisan legislation that removes the words “severe and pervasive” from the state’s definition of sexual harassment. (Read this blog post from 2018.)
  4. Restore the Vote. It’s time to end Jim Crow-era voting laws in Minnesota. This session, we can join 14 other states that have restored voting rights to people with criminal backgrounds living and working in the community. We call on legislators to pass bipartisan legislation and restore voting rights to over 50,000 community members.
  5. Climate Justice. TakeAction Minnesota is proud to be part of the 100% Campaign fighting for a clean, equitable energy future for all of us.

We also support long-term care, child care, protections against elder abuse, drivers licenses for all, investments in education, gun violence prevention and more.

Take Action With Us

It’s going to be a busy session. Sign up for our Wednesday action alerts to learn more and start taking action with us.

Send us an email at info@takeactionminnesota.org to set up coffee with an organizer and learn about more ways to fight with us.

That’s a wrap.


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