Bahieh Hartshorn

Bahieh Hartshorn joined TakeAction Minnesota in January 2019. Before joining as staff, she led as the co-chair of TakeAction Minnesota’s political committee and a leader with the Womxn of Color Table. She previously worked as the organizer of the West Side Community Organization, where she worked in investing, developing, and organizing West Side residents to build decision making power of West Siders within the City of Saint Paul. She helped organize and develop Saint Paul’s first-ever equitable development scorecard, a document that puts decisions around development in the hands of community.

Bahieh was born in Ecuador and immigrated to Minnesota with her mom in 1995. She grew up in a rural Minnesotan town, Luverne. She moved to Saint Paul to attend Hamline University and has made Saint Paul her home ever since.

As Movement Politics Manager Bahieh is co-creating and building the movement governing infrastructure that shifts decision making power into the hands of Minnesotans – especially marginalized Minnesotans – at every level of government. When she’s not doing that, you will probably find her at a brewery in Saint Paul drinking an IPA.