Britton Mikkelsen

Britton Mikkelsen joined TakeAction as an Organizer in January 2018. She is originally from Lincoln, Nebraska and moved to St. Cloud for school where she attended St Cloud State University. She started studying Criminal Justice, but switched to Political Science with an interest in movement building seeing how the structures of the criminal justice can’t be changed from the inside. Having worked on political races in Nebraska, Britton served as the chair of the SCSU College Democrats and worked for the DFL in St. Cloud to elect progressive candidates who would fight for affordable housing and to lower higher education costs.

Britton joined TakeAction her senior year of college, building a base in St. Cloud. Her focuses are education, training, and building a political home for people historically excluded from the political process.

As an organizer with TakeAction Minnesota, Britton is passionate about building spaces and tools to make state and local politics something everyone can connect with and feel empowered by. She is committed to create movement spaces where people can step into public leadership and elected office.