Emilia, Hennepin County Organizer at TakeAction Minnesota

Emilia J. Kalley

Before coming to TakeAction, Emilia worked as a Community Health Worker, assisting patients and care team members with a variety of care coordination activities. She helped patients to navigate the healthcare system, understand and connect to HCMC and community resources, eliminate barriers to care, and increase knowledge around self-management and health promotion activities. Emilia worked with clients exiting the Adult Corrections Facility Plymouth Workhouse to connect them to mental and medical health services and housing services. Emilia is part of several community groups, including the Cultural and Ethnic Communities Leadership Council, Northwest Teen Parent Connection, MN Community Health Worker Alliance, and National Community Health Worker Alliance. It’s always on Emilia’s mind that so many of us are one check from being jobless or homeless, and we never know what tomorrow will bring.