Walter, Field Coordinator at TakeAction Minnesota

Walter Fromm

Walter phone banked and knocked doors full time with The People’s Canvass from 2020-2022, working on campaigns like Yes 4 Minneapolis, Jeremiah Ellison, Robin Wonsley, and many others. In 2022, he brought his field experience to TakeAction Minnesota as a Field Coordinator.  

Walter believes that if we are going to win the progressive battles that we need to win – from environmental justice and universal healthcare to real public safety – we need to move away from traditional, transactional canvassing towards Deep Canvassing. To Walter, Deep Canvassing is all about curiosity and care: rather than giving our pitch and asking for a vote, we approach conversations with a genuine desire to learn more about each person’s personal stake in the issue and how we can best help that individual through progressive policy.  

When we root our campaigns in this genuine curiosity and care, we will win.