Ranked Choice Voting in Minneapolis

In Minneapolis, we vote by ranked choice in races for Mayor, City Council, Park Board, Board of Estimation and Taxation. Ranked choice voting gives us the opportunity to support our favorite candidates, name our second choices, and omit candidates that we don’t support. 

How it works (visual learners, check out this video):

1⃣ When you cast your ballot, rank your first, second, and third choice (if you have one) for each race.

2⃣ All first choice votes are counted. A candidate needs more than 50% of votes to win. 

3⃣ If no candidate has won more than 50% of votes, the candidate with the smallest percentage of votes is eliminated, and the votes towards candidates ranked second on those ballots are counted. Your second choice will only be counted after your first choice has been eliminated. 

4⃣ This process continues until one candidate has gained more than 50% of votes. 

Ranked choice voting allows us to have a greater say in our local politics, because we’re free to rank candidates as we like, and leave the candidates we don’t support off our ballots. 

This fall, rank Sheila Nezhad and Kate Knuth for Mayor, and don’t rank Jacob Frey. Kate and Sheila have the experience, care, and accountability necessary to govern our city. Mayor Frey has had his chance to lead, and four years later, Minneapolis is not better off. 

Check out our endorsed candidates for City Council and Park Board and be sure that the candidate representing your ward is ranked number one on your ballot!

🧭️Don’t know which ward you live in? Find out here.

🗳Visit our Busy Voter’s Guide to learn everything you need to know about making your voice heard this fall. 

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