STATEMENT: Mayor Frey’s New TV Ad a Shameless Reminder of Broken Promises

Photo: Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey at a podium

September 29, 2021

STATEMENT: Mayor Frey’s New TV Ad a Shameless Reminder of Broken Promises

(Minneapolis, MN)In a shameless new ad for reelection released on Tuesday, Mayor Jacob Frey says, “it’s been a tough year” for Minneapolis but refuses to acknowledge that as mayor, he has been responsible for maintaining the failing status quo. 

Four years ago Mayor Frey released a somewhat different TV ad, claiming he was “disgusted” at the “police shootings, intolerance, and inequality” he saw in our city and promising to “bridge the divide” between the Minneapolis Police Department and the community. Four years later, Frey has failed to make discernable progress on these issues as the MPD, under his exclusive control, indiscriminately attacked peaceful protestors, journalists, and bystanders in the wake of the murder of George Floyd. 

Not only has he failed by his own standards, Frey has also actively stood in the way of progress by banding together with the police federation and dark money groups to stop Minneapolis residents and local elected officials from charting a new path forward on public safety, ultimately trying to block a Black-led, multiracial coalition and over 22,000 Minneapolis residents from using our local democracy to create a new Department of Public Safety with expanded public oversight. 

TakeAction Minnesota released the following statement: 

“Mayor Frey ran for office promising to work with other leaders, stop police violence, and end homelessness. Instead, he has personally driven crises and blocked progress on all three fronts. While the people of Minneapolis are taking action to hold MPD accountable and stand up to hedge-fund landlords, Frey has squandered his historic opportunity to make meaningful change. By his own standards, he’s failed as mayor. It’s no wonder Mayor Frey, his police federation, and dark money allies are desperately trying to rewrite history by dumping cash onto the airwaves and pushing a charter amendment to consolidate power in the hands of the Mayor. Minneapolis deserves better, and we’re united for change.”


TakeAction Minnesota is a statewide, multiracial grassroots organization advancing justice and equity through organizing, policy, and campaigns. Offices are located in St. Paul, Duluth, and St. Cloud.

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