Steve Rogness, Part I: Minnesota and Wisconsin United – As Always – To Stand For Workers’ Rights!

Minnesota’s outpouring of support in solidarity with Wisconsin’s fight for workers’ rights has been truly amazing. Only days after the situation materialized, Minnesota’s labor movement was organizing one rally after another. Hundreds turned out on a freezing bridge over I-94 in Hudson on Saturday February 19th, marching half-a-mile to the Hudson government center for a rally. The following Tuesday, over 2,000 rallied at the capitol in what many called the largest turnout event in the rotunda they had ever seen. And this past Saturday, another 2,000+ crowd turned out again, this time in coordination with rallies in all 50 states. Fundraisers have been organized for the Wisconsin 14 – the Senate Democrats who fled the state rather than comply with the plan to undermine the fundamental bargaining rights of Wisconsin workers. As a former Wisconsinite myself (I grew up in Madison), these tremendous events have been especially powerful, and I am thrilled with the prospect of winning this critical fight for workers’ rights.

Stay strong and keep up the fight.

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