This Week in Action: The TakeAction News Digest

Dear friend, It was a heavy week for us, learning about the murder of Ahmaud Arbery, digesting the state budget deficit, and seeing the unemployment numbers from April. It feels like we’re going through a collective rite of passage. It is both devastating and a chance for us to grow as a country, recognizing that

Quarantina with jeremy messersmith on International Workers’ Day

Join TakeAction Minnesota and the 100% Campaign for a free online concert with jeremy messersmith this Friday, May 1. On International Workers’ Day we’ll celebrate workers giving us life, tell you a bit about our organizations, and enjoy a performance from the singer/songwriter whose music inspires joy, laughter, and imagination about the future. See you online! Follow jeremy on Instagram so you’re

This Week in Action: The TakeAction News Digest

Dear {{FirstName or ‘friend’}}, Happy International Workers’ Day! May Day as a workers’ holiday was born in 1886 in Chicago when 40,000 workers – largely immigrants – went on strike for a 40-hour work week. It’s still a day for radical solidarity and fighting for justice, even (and maybe especially) in the midst of a

Together in Solidarity for the Workers Giving Us Life

On Saturday, April 25 from 12-4 p.m., take action online for the workers giving us life during this pandemic. While a small group of Minnesotans protests at the Governor’s residence, let’s rise and stand in solidarity with workers across industries that are on the front-lines of this crisis and giving us life. As Minnesotans, we

This Week in Action: The TakeAction News Digest

Dear friend, As you probably know, we soft-launched our 100 Days of Justice, Joy & Solidaritycampaign a couple weeks ago in response to COVID-19 after surveying our members. We’re continuing to evolve and grow based on what we’re hearing from our networks – including you. Thank you so much for reading and wrestling with us