NEWS RELEASE: TakeAction Minnesota Unveils New Report Revealing Corporate Disruption to Biden’s Build Back Better Agenda

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“We’ve had it with billionaires and big corporations like PhRMA and Amazon lobbying against the Build Back Better agenda so they can continue to avoid paying taxes while the rest of us scramble and suffer,” said TakeAction Minnesota Strategic Partnerships Director Yolanda Roth.

TakeAction Minnesota Releases Report Showing Medtronic, 3M, Moisaic & St. Jude Medical are Holding $31.6 Billion in Offshore Profits While Lobbying to Preserve Industry Tax Loopholes

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: March 15, 2013Contacts: Greta Bergstrom, 651.336.6722, greta@takeactionminnesota.orgAnne Singer, Citizens for Tax Justice, 202.271.4679, anne@ctj.org TAKEACTION MINNESOTA RELEASES REPORT SHOWING MEDTRONIC, 3M, MOSAIC & ST. JUDE MEDICAL ARE