Primary Elections: Opportunities for Progress

Primary Endorsements 2022

We at TakeAction Minnesota are excited to endorse a slate of candidates who are running in competitive primaries. These races give us a chance to look deeper at how our political system is or is not serving us. We’ve been talking about how ‘Not Just Any Blue Will Do.’ That choice is always starkest when we’re looking at two candidates from the same party.

Movement Politics: Building Progressive Power in 2022 and Beyond

Graphic: "Movement Politics" in light blue and white, with the TakeAction logo, on a dark blue background

At TakeAction we are clear that Republicans are advancing genocidal ideologies, attacking our freedoms and democracy, and sitting on billions of dollars that our communities need in a callous political game. In order to stop their dangerous power grab in its tracks, elected officials from all parties – especially Democrats – must stand for more than Minnesota Nice politics, bipartisanship and half-measures.