Member-led Politics with People at the Center

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Co-governance is a model of governance that happens when organized people (like TakeAction Minnesota) and movement electeds work together to advance a shared agenda. Co-governance includes inside/outside strategizing, but it also shifts who decides and who benefits from the decisions made by governmental agencies and elected leaders.  We connected

The People’s Forum

Sharing Our Stories, Sowing Statewide Solidarity Join us for the first of 3 forums to come together and share stories about the world as it is and the worlds we’re

TakeAction Minnesota Endorses Bernie Sanders for President and the Movement for a People-Centered Democracy

St. Paul, MN—TakeAction Minnesota announced its endorsement for Bernie Sanders for President today. This is the first time TakeAction Minnesota, a multiracial people’s organization, has endorsed a candidate for President of the United States. The endorsement of Bernie Sanders unleashes the power of a 50,000 person progressive network in a Super Tuesday state.