Busy Delegate’s Guide to Minneapolis Caucuses & Conventions

A pink silhouette of the state of Minnesota with a white checkmark. Text says "Busy Voter's Guide to Caucuses & Conventions."

This year, voters have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to reimagine Minneapolis as a city where each and every person, family, and community is safe, successful, and able to live in joy and abundance. And if you’re registered to caucus (or ready to start talking to your neighbors about our city’s future, you get to start making your voice heard right away.

Yes 4 Minneapolis is the path forward

Yolanda Roth speaks at the Yes 4 Minneapolis petition filing and press conference on Friday, April 30, 2021

Last Friday, I was thrilled to help deliver more than 20,000 Yes 4 Minneapolis petition signatures to the Minneapolis City Clerk. This is a major step in our work to create a public safety system that is all-inclusive, where everyone has healthy food to eat, a warm bed, and a roof over their head; and where everyone feels safe in our schools, our homes, our communities, and our lives.