Tell Your Legislators: Expand MinnesotaCare, Pass Health Care for All

At TakeAction Minnesota, we believe in a future where everyone has the health care they need. We believe in a health care system that is people-centered, not tied to employment, leaves nobody out, and supports health. It’s absolutely clear that the pathway to universal health care is through public health insurance programs (MinnesotaCare, Medicaid, and #Medicare4All) not through the failing, so-called private health insurance market.

This Legislative session, DFL lawmakers are taking bold and urgent action toward universal health care.

First, over 50 lawmakers joined the Minnesota Health Plan caucus, building legislative power needed to pass the achievable vision of a universal, single-payer health care system in Minnesota. This clarity and organization is critical for a long-term term fight against health insurance companies and some of the most powerful corporate interests not just in health care, but globally (UnitedHealth Group earned $17.3 billion in 2021).

Second, state DFL lawmakers are continuing the push to expand MinnesotaCare through H.F.11/S.F. 1029, a bill that creates a MinnesotaCare Public Option, expands MinnesotaCare to include undocumented Minnesotans, reduces health care costs for Minnesotans and more. The bill to expand MinnesotaCare will get its first hearing of session on Monday, February 14, 2022 at 1 p.m. A similar policy was included in the Governor’s 2022 Budget Proposal.

Take action today.

Contact your state lawmakers today. Let them know we need a pathway to universal, publicly funded health care and a MinnesotaCare program that includes undocumented Minnesotans. Tell them to support H.F. 11 TODAY. True COVID relief and recovery will never happen if undocumented Minnesotans are denied health care – it’s wrong.

Stay tuned for more health care legislative actions on MinnesotaCare and the Prescription Drug Affordability Board

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