Win the Day: Volume 6

Make More Possible | October 15,2018

Dear Friends,

So many of us live and breathe politics because we know that through politics – and organizing – so much more can be possible for our families and in our state.

We’re continuing to call out the dog-whistle politics we’re seeing this election cycle – including state Sen. Karin Housley’s racist dog whistle comment about Michelle Obama – and we’re glad that groups like CAIR and ISAIAH are connecting the dots between corporate backed GOP campaigns and anti-Muslim campaign attack ads.

For decades, some politicians have used race-baiting and scapegoating in an attempt to divide the political power and interests of working people.

We’re not falling for it. Minnesotans won’t be divided. Together, we can accomplish anything.

In Minnesota, We’re Greater Than Fear

A few days ago, a brand new ad came out from Minnesota’s #GreaterThanFear campaign. We love everything about this message and what this story represents. Politics shouldn’t be about fear, and in Minnesota, we’re stronger together.


To us, #GreaterThanFear also means being fearless in our progressive vision and direction. It means being clear and unapologetic about our values, analysis, and goals, so when it’s time to govern, we know where we stand and what we’re fighting for. For instance:

Election Day is only the beginning. Like the ad? Share it on Facebook.

Organizing a Caring Economy with St. Cloud #CareVoters

We can imagine a future where no one is one their own to figure out child care, elder care, or family care. We can imagine strong, statewide care infrastructure that’s a priority for every politician and a staple in every community. We can imagine a caring economy where work that’s primarily been done by women is highly valued. 

This year, hundreds of families across the political spectrum shared their stories about care issues in Central Minnesota and started organizing toward a Minnesota that values caregiving. 

On Tuesday night, the St. Cloud Cares campaign is hosting a candidate forum with state house and Congressional candidates about care issues–family caregiving, child care, elder care, care work and more. Two of our endorsed house candidates, Aric Putman (14A) and Dan Wolgamott (14B), will be there. 


Minnesota needs care infrastructure. It’s up to all of us, organizing and acting together, to get the job done. Shoot us an email to learn how you can get involved as a #CareVoter. You can also like the Care Voters of Minnesota page for regular updates. 

Universal Family Care

Winning the day is about changing the political landscape to make more possible. We’re ending this week’s blog with a three minute video explaining universal family care. This is an idea worth fighting for. Watch it and let us know what you think. 

Question of the Week: What’s the cost of a Jeff Johnson future?

Let us know what you think. Share your answer here. 

For us, the stakes couldn’t be higher in this gubernatorial race. A Johnson Administration could mean losing basic rights and everything we value as progressives.

However, it’s not just about what we’d lose in a Johnson administration. It’s also about the progress we can make with Tim Walz and Peggy Flanagan as our next governor and lt. governor.

We’re ready to fight and we’re ready to win. See you on the doors!

That’s a wrap.

– Kenza and Chris

Kenza Hadj-Moussa is communications director. Contact: kenza@takeactionminnesota.org and follow: @KenzaHadjMoussa. 

Chris Conry is the strategic campaigns director. Contact: chris@takeactionminnesota.org and follow: @ChrisConry. 

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