Elizabeth Lienesch, Why Defeating the Voter Restriction Amendment Matters to the Health of Minnesota

TakeAction Minnesota’s health care team doesn’t just work on health care. This fall, the team is also working hard to defeat the Voter Restriction Amendment, an Amendment that would take

Elizabeth Lienesch, More Benefits From the ACA Rolling In

Nearly 1 million MN women guaranteed access to preventive health services at no cost.  Thanks again Obamacare! The Affordable Care Act (ACA) has delivered yet another huge benefit this month! 

Chris Conry, Leaving Behind the Aristocracy

America’s founders disagreed about many things, but were united by one desire: they wished to leave behind the aristocratic form of government they’d experienced as a colony of Great Britain. 

Chris Conry, Why You Pay More Taxes Than The 1%

Our current tax system is slanted in favor of the super-rich. That’s the basic judgment that Warren Buffett made when he recently pushed to make billionaires pay a tax rate

Liz Doyle, Covering All Kids

As many of you know, TakeAction Minnesota led the successful grassroots and legislative campaign in 2009 to expand public health coverage to thousands of Minnesota children.  Good news: this important law

Chris Conry, Breaking Down the Bush Tax Cuts

Our Congress is preparing to vote again on the Bush Tax Cuts.  After a two year extension the cuts are set to expire on December 31, 2012.  When paired with

Justin Terrell, Closing Our Worst-in-the-Nation Racial Jobs Gap

According to a new study released by the Economic Policy Institute, the Twin Cities, again, has the nation’s highest level of racial disparity in unemployment. Two years ago, the EPI