Duluth Tenants Union

Tenants in Duluth Are Building Renter Power

Duluth is our home. That’s why we are building power and community. Housing is a human right, and all of us – renter or homeowner, young or old, small families or large – deserve to put down roots in the place we love.

But right now, that’s not the reality in our city. Corporate landlords look at us and see dollar signs – and use their money and influence to make sure elected leaders don’t stand in their way, as they price gouge us for apartments that are often in need of major repairs. Duluth Tenants is organizing to fight back.


What is a TenantS’ Union?

Tenants’ unions are renter-led organizations that fight for tenants’ rights, build renter power, and push for policy change toward our shared value that housing is a human right. We can push for change locally – and join with tenants’ unions organizing across the U.S. to win changes on a bigger scale.


We organize by canvassing our neighbors and building relationships. In spring of 2024, we’re undertaking a rigorous strategy process to choose our first campaign together, build our leadership, and push for big wins. Duluth Tenants does not provide housing services. 

Together, we can wield our power to win housing rights, and build communities we can all be proud of, where all of us – across race, gender, and income – have what we need.