Minnesota lawmakers begin debating clean energy legislation

“My home in Minneapolis sees warmer winters, more extreme cold and less snow than we’ve ever known, and my family of farmers in the Midwest experience more flooding and erratic weather, which hurts their ability to support themselves and their families,” Halley Norman of the environmental group TakeAction Minnesota testified. “Our futures are under threat

Inside the information war on Black voters

Black communities have been flooded with deceptive tactics aimed at depressing voter turnout. Organizers are fighting back. Michigan Liberation and TakeAction Minnesota, both part of the Win Black network, rely heavily on strategies like in-person visits, one-on-one video calls, and partnerships with local churches and community leaders. The campaigns have seen success.  

The Best Way to Beat Trumpism? Talk Less, Listen More

Elianne Farhat, the executive director or TakeAction Minnesota, put it this way: “For too long our politics have been run by fancy consultants on the coasts narrowing our politics down to the most persuasive sound bite they could possibly capture in the moment. That type of politics is a real disservice to our people and

Battle for Minnesota Senate could shift balance of power at the state Legislature

Kenza Hadj-Moussa, a progressive organizer with TakeAction Minnesota, said supporters are “all hands on deck” through Election Day. “Stakes were high even before the pandemic struck, but there’s been such gridlock at the Legislature and so much work that needs to be done,” she said. “There’s just been a backlog of policy work that has

Minneapolis Will Dismantle Its Police Force, Council Members Pledge

After the accusations of police brutality through the years, the failed past attempts at reform and then the horrific footage of Mr. Floyd’s killing — as well as the police response to protests that has included rubber bullets and tear gas — major changes to policing in Minneapolis are now inevitable, said Kenza Hadj-Moussa, a spokeswoman for TakeAction Minnesota, an advocacy group.

“No one feels safe calling the police, period,” she said. “They’re not doing their basic function of public safety.”

George Floyd’s Death Resurfaces Amy Klobuchar’s Tough-On-Crime, Easy-On-Cops Record

Klobuchar’s actions as a prosecutor caused trauma that’s been long-lasting. With everything that’s happened in Minneapolis and across the country, Klobuchar would put Biden at even more of a disadvantage politically.

What people are saying about Minnesota’s projected budget deficit

A coalition that includes TakeAction Minnesota, SEIU MN State Council, ISAIAH, the Minnesota Nurses Association, OutFront and other progressive groups called for tax increases for the wealthy, saying “the choices we make now to help us weather this virus can also set a better course for the future of our communities.”