St. Paul’s most competitive council race is focused on crime, development — and bringing a new approach to city hall

Once upon a time on St. Paul’s East Side, an abandoned railroad line surrounded by junkyards and mounds of asphalt covered what is now a busy commercial corridor, Phalen Boulevard. Few businesses could keep their doors open east of Hwy. 61 and most residents lived in single-family homes. […] One of those who’ve been campaigning for months is Nelsie

Minnesota progressives getting impatient, might challenge incumbents

Kenza Hadj-Moussa, a spokeswoman for the progressive group TakeAction Minnesota, told me last week that no decisions have been made about recruiting challengers to take on veteran DFL lawmakers in the 2020 election, especially in the Senate. Still, she offered a less-than-subtle hint: “If I were an incumbent, I would be looking out for progressive

Rep. Omar introduces the Zero Waste Act

July 25, Rep. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota introduced the Zero Waste Act to Congress. The bill would create a federal grant program to help local cities invest in zero waste initiatives. These funds could go toward recycling infrastructure or the creation of partnerships with local businesses aimed at reducing waste in their operations, according to a news release from

Trump Says Minnesota Can’t Stand Ilhan Omar. His Attacks Have Made Her More Popular Than Ever Back Home.

Elianne Farhat, the executive director of a statewide racial equity organizing group called Take Action Minnesota, said she was “very heartened” by the widespread condemnation across the state of Trump’s comments about Omar. But she hoped, she said, that the support would extend beyond condemning the president in moments of explicit racism.

“Moments like the one we just went through make it clear that people are operating in a racist, xenophobic way,” she said. “So it’s important, also, when it is less clear, to take the time to see the racism operating, and to say that is wrong.”

Voter Fraud Alarmists’ Next Big Stand Is In Minnesota, The Most Voter-Friendly State

“We can only imagine their intentions and that they’re looking for data to roll back voting rights, because it’s what they do,” said Kenza Hadj-Moussa, communications director of the progressive advocacy group Take Action Minnesota.

Minnesota Rep. Drazkowski calls for investigation into US Rep. Ilhan Omar

Our fates are tied together. When elected officials attack our neighbors and intentionally spread misinformation in our communities, it hurts all of us. Leaders who divide our state and country weaken the whole.

Stoking division is part of the President’s campaign playbook. As Rep. Drazkowski attempts to carryout Trump’s hate-filled strategy in our state, we’re calling for unbreakable solidarity across race, class, gender, and geography. In Minnesota, we recognize our interconnection and interdependence and care for each other.

#IStandWithIlhan: After Trump Rally, Congresswoman Ilhan Omar’s Supporters Plan to Welcome Her Home

After nearly a week of constant criticism from President Donald Trump and his supporters, Congresswoman Ilhan Omar’s supporters planned to welcome her home to Minnesota. Thursday’s event was set to take place at the baggage claim area of Terminal One at the Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport, just in time for Omar’s expected arrival. Almost 300