#IStandWithIlhan: After Trump Rally, Congresswoman Ilhan Omar’s Supporters Plan to Welcome Her Home

After nearly a week of constant criticism from President Donald Trump and his supporters, Congresswoman Ilhan Omar’s supporters planned to welcome her home to Minnesota. Thursday’s event was set to take place at the baggage claim area of Terminal One at the Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport, just in time for Omar’s expected arrival. Almost 300

Omar calls Trump ‘fascist’ after his supporters chant ‘send her back’

[…] In her Minneapolis district, a group of supporters led the welcome rally for Omar at the airport. Omar was scheduled to attend a local Medicare town hall later in the evening. “It (the chant) made me feel sick in my stomach,” said Kenza Hadj-Moussa, a spokeswoman for the group TakeAction Minnesota, who attended the

Rep. Ilhan Omar greeted with new chant upon arrival in Minnesota: ‘Welcome home Ilhan’

After Trump supporters shouted “send her back” at a rally in North Carolina, Rep. Ilhan Omar was met with a new chant upon her arrival in Minnesota: “Welcome home Ilhan.” The Democratic congresswoman returned to the Twin Cities on Thursday evening, as crowds of supporters gathered at baggage claim to welcome her home. Nearly 400

NEWS STATEMENT: TakeAction Minnesota Stands with Congresswoman Omar and Calls for Unbreakable Solidarity as the President Continues to Stoke Division

July 18, 2019 NEWS STATEMENT TakeAction Minnesota Stands with Congresswoman Omar and Calls for Unbreakable Solidarity as the President Continues to Stoke Division NEWS STATEMENT Contact: Kenza Hadj-Moussa, 612-386-9556    St. Paul, Minn.— Supporters at a President Trump rally targeted Congresswoman Ilhan Omar (MN-5) Wednesday night with a chilling chant to “send her back,” fanning the

Minnesota extends law blocking HMO sales to for-profits

“We’re relieved that the moratorium was extended, but the job is not done,” said Kenza Hadj-Moussa of DFL-allied TakeAction Minnesota in a statement. “The threat of a legal health care heist is still there, it’s just delayed.”

DFL, GOP angle for 2020 election edge after Legislature’s session

But issues always matter, said Kenza Hadj-Moussa, spokeswoman for the progressive group TakeAction Minnesota. She hopes voters noticed that the DFL House was “extremely responsive to the needs in people’s lives,” including the cost of insulin, paid leave and driver’s licenses for immigrants.

She also sees an emerging concern that could mobilize voters here and across the nation: new state efforts to ban abortions that have “really awakened a lot of people.”

State lawmakers debate high cost of medication

Claire Henn of St. Paul said the drug she relied on for her rheumatoid arthritis jumped from $60 per treatment to $1,400 per treatment. She went without it for three years until a charity helped pay for the drug. During a state Capitol news conference, Henn said something must be done. “I’m a senior on