From the TakeAction union: 8 reasons to celebrate worker power on International Workers’ Day 

This Sunday, May 1 is International Workers’ Day – a.k.a. May Day. In honor of the occasion, we, the TakeAction Minnesota Union, have put together this list of 8 reasons to

Celebrating Workers in Unbreakable Solidarity this May Day

International Workers’ Day originated in the late 1800s to commemorate workers’ ongoing fight for an eight-hour workday, fair wages, and protections on the job; specifically, the date was chosen in 1886 to honor and memorialize the Haymarket Affair, a city-wide labor dispute in Chicago that resulted in riots, police violence against workers, and, ultimately, a shift in the power dynamics between workers and bosses in America. In 1889, labor organizations across the globe adopted May 1 as an official way to observe workers’ ongoing struggles and victories.  

Photo of a red-haired woman and young blonde girl wearing a flower crown and holding a small bouquet of flowers, standing in front of an apartment building in the spring.

Our Histories, Our Future: Moving from outrage to action

As we continue to learn about the systems that are failing us, we need to stay grounded in what we need and deserve to thrive. We need to imagine a future where our policies and sensibilities truly work for all of us and give us the resources we need to live safe, healthy, and fulfilling lives. And we need to take bold, collective action to build power together and make that future a reality. 

Take action for our voting rights + reproductive freedoms

All Minnesotans should be free to make our voices heard in our democracy and to choose whether and when to become a parent – across race, gender, and income.   As

Extended deferment + the power of organizing

Hi y’all! DyAnna here with the Student Debt Cancellation Crew at TakeAction.  I breathed a deep sigh of relief earlier this month when the Biden Administration announced their plans to

text conversation of the Student Debt Cancellation Crew

Join us on Wednesday: Criminalization and incarceration aren’t safety

This 4/20, we’re clear: Marijuana prohibition doesn’t keep any of us safer – and it’s not intended to.  The war on drugs was designed to justify the criminalization and mass

Learn how to have compassionate + curious conversations: Join the Greater Minnesota Deep Canvass Pilot

Cierra, DyAnna, and Walter here with an invitation for you.  People across Minnesota are having important conversations about our schools, values, and vision for communities that respect the dignity of