2021 Statewide Campaigns

Care, Climate, COVID-19 Relief and a people-centered democracy This election season, voters across the country made their voices loud and clear electing Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. In Minnesota, a statewide, multi-racial voting bloc decided to elect new progressive champions in the state House and Senate. While Minnesota will hold the only divided Legislature in

She Told Me She Will be Seventy in December

She told me she will be Seventy in December. She was going to vote early to avoid the lines. She was concerned about voter suppression. She is originally from the south. I can’t remember what state. She told me she’d worked as a poll worker there a long time ago. She told me how people

Solid as a Rock, Rooted as a Tree

How are you feeling these days? I’m reminding myself to lean into the wisdom and clarity of my ancestors and turn to my community for care. Here’s what’s keeping me steady: We’ve had thousands of powerful conversations and we’re not stopping anytime soon. 💞Read member Bernie’s blog about what’s keeping him motivated as he makes calls,

LyLy Vang-Yang holds her cat Bella up and laughs at the camera. Behind them is the blue sky and

Remember. Heal. Build Power.

This election is very important. This year has been filled with great sadness and triumph. Our communities have been hit with unexpected challenges, and we as a community are working to ensure no one is left behind. We know that no one politician will save us from what we are experiencing, but it is still

We Have the Power to Build a Better Future for the Working Class.

I am Joe Baratta, a 33-year-old husband and father. I was the elected union leader of Electrolux (key word: was). Then the Republicans swept into power in 2016 with promises of Make America Great Again. They made so many promises, telling us “don’t sell your house, not one job is leaving under our watch!”  

Swearing in People-Centered Candidates and Co-Governing to Reimagine Family Care

TakeAction leaders, members, and community activists have sent more than 67,000 text messages and made more than 475,000 calls to Minnesota voters ready to take action and create the joyful future we deserve this election season. During a recent voter outreach event, volunteers shared their experiences of caregiving, distance learning, the caring future we deserve,

A graphic image with a pink, orange and blue swirly background and multiracial fists raised in the air. Text: The People's Forums: The Future Doesn't Have to Be Spooky, October 31, 11- 11:45 a.m.

Connection is Political Medicine

THIRTEEN days until Election Day! At TakeAction Minnesota, we’re continuing to call and text folks across the state of Minnesota, gearing up for GOTV (get out the vote), and building a strong foundation for what’s to come post-election. It’s no doubt this year looks and feels different. But, our end goal is the same: a