Political Education 101

What is Political Education? Here in Minnesota, we look out for our neighbors. From penny auctions to save small farms during the Great Depression to the #VoteNo campaign in 2012 when we pushed back on a ban on gay marriage, Minnesotans come together during moments of crisis. During this global pandemic, we know we can

Laugh-In with TakeAction Minnesota and Uproar Preforming Arts

There’s a lot of pressure on elected officials to “reopen” the state right now, but we know that the folks hit hardest by this pandemic — people of color, Indigenous people, poor people, queer and trans folks, womxn and femmes — are the ones who will continue to be harmed the most if stay-home orders are

This Week in Action: The TakeAction News Digest

Dear friend, It was a heavy week for us, learning about the murder of Ahmaud Arbery, digesting the state budget deficit, and seeing the unemployment numbers from April. It feels like we’re going through a collective rite of passage. It is both devastating and a chance for us to grow as a country, recognizing that

Quarantina with jeremy messersmith and the 100% Campaign

TakeAction Minnesota and the 100% Campaign are joining forces for an online concert with jeremy messersmith on Friday, May 1. On International Workers’ Day we are celebrating workers giving us life, telling you a bit about our organizations, and enjoying a performance from the singer/songwriter whose music inspires joy, laughter, and imagination about the future.

This Week in Action: The TakeAction News Digest

Dear {{FirstName or ‘friend’}}, Happy International Workers’ Day! May Day as a workers’ holiday was born in 1886 in Chicago when 40,000 workers – largely immigrants – went on strike for a 40-hour work week. It’s still a day for radical solidarity and fighting for justice, even (and maybe especially) in the midst of a

Minnesota Organizing Lessons from the Great Depression

In Minnesota, we know from history that when times get tough, we pull forward together.

On May 1, rent and mortgage payments are due. As anxiety builds for Minnesotans across the state who lost work, many of whom were struggling before the COVID-19 crisis hit, this is clear: we need solutions that match the scope of this crisis.

#ShareMyCheck: Places to Donate Your Relief Check

Mutual aid is the idea that in our communities, we can care for each other.   In the richest country in the world, we have enough for all.  Right now, many of our neighbors are struggling to keep food on the table and a roof over their heads. These are, for the most part, the same people hit hardest by the