We Need Student Debt Cancellation to Live and Thrive

Before the pandemic hit, and student loans were placed on hold, my financial situation was a living balancing act. I was surviving paycheck to paycheck – paying bills to make sure my basic needs were met in addition to my monthly student loan payments.

Big Pharma charges $56,000 per year for the medicine I need to live my life.

We need a Prescription Drug Affordability Board. I’m Jessica. I’m asking you to email your state senator right now, and tell them to support the Prescription Drug Affordability Board. As

Busy Delegate’s Guide to Minneapolis Caucuses & Conventions

This year, voters have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to reimagine Minneapolis as a city where each and every person, family, and community is safe, successful, and able to live in joy and abundance. And if you’re registered to caucus (or ready to start talking to your neighbors about our city’s future, you get to start making your voice heard right away.

A pink silhouette of the state of Minnesota with a white checkmark. Text says "Busy Voter's Guide to Caucuses & Conventions."

Our Municipal Vision

We believe in a city where…  🤝 We believe in a city where each and every person, family, and community is successful and able to live in joy and abundance—a life that is fulfilling, safe, healthy, and happy. 

Violence is Not Safety; Care is

It’s important state lawmakers hear from us now. They need to know: we expect action and the state level, and we have a bigger vision. Public safety should be based on community, care, and investing in what we need to thrive – not violence.

Building People Power Through Our Member-led Endorsement Process

Co-governance is a model of governance that happens when organized people (like TakeAction Minnesota) and movement electeds work together to advance a shared agenda. Co-governance includes inside/outside strategizing, but it also shifts who decides and who benefits from the decisions made by governmental agencies and elected leaders.

Member-led Politics with People at the Center

Co-governance is a model of governance that happens when organized people (like TakeAction Minnesota) and movement electeds work together to advance a shared agenda. Co-governance includes inside/outside strategizing, but it also shifts who decides and who benefits from the decisions made by governmental agencies and elected leaders.  We connected

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