This Week at the Capitol: Paid Time to Care, Affordable Medicine, Climate & Clean Energy and more

It’s another busy week at the Minnesota Legislature as the first committee deadline is coming up on Friday. We kicked off the week with Raye Perez, a TakeAction leader from

Advocacy and Accountability in People-Centered Politics

Judy Gibson has been an active member with TakeAction Minnesota since 2010. This week, she’s reflecting on her history of political involvement, a meeting she recently attended with Rep. Dean

TakeAction Members Talk Healthcare with Rep. Ilhan Omar

Last week, TakeAction Minnesota members Chara Blanch, Amity Foster, and Halley Norman sat down with Rep. Ilhan Omar to talk about care, COVID-19, and the state of our democracy. It was a powerful conversation.  Amity and Chara shared

Celebrating, Mourning, Raging and Creating Together

The women that have made up who I am have taught me how to stretch my arms out so that I stand firm and steady when taking up space, even though it may feel scary. They’ve taught me how to gently embrace people, as I hold space for celebrating, mourning, raging, creating together. And, they’ve taught me how to open my arms wide, ready and enthusiastically inviting others into my work. I am so grateful for them.

To Support Minnesotans, We Need to Support Paid Sick Days

My name is Raye Perez (they/them) and I’m a Social Studies Education student at St Cloud State University. I’m the oldest of 5 children, part of the LGBTQ community and half Mexican.

This Week at the Capitol: Paid Time to Care, Lower Rx Costs, democracy and more

It’s a busy week at the State Capitol. On Friday, Minnesota’s $1.6 billion budget surplus was announced. Today, instead of a real solution to out of control health care costs

Our Grief Moves Us to Action

I want to offer an incredible breathing exercise my co-worker Alejandra shared with us.   Get out your wiggles in your fingers and toes. Settle into your sit and loosen your

Author LyLy Vang-Yang, TakeAction Minnesota Cultural Strategy Manager