Love, Care, and Urgency to #StopLine3

Just like the land and water that Line 3 crosses, our state Capitol itself sits on native land – and yet, for months, legislators have been shutting Indigenous leaders and water protectors out as people continue to put their bodies on the line across Northern Minnesota. The August 25 Capitol gathering is our chance to come to them, where they can’t hide from us.   

Connecting through Deep Canvassing

In Minnesota, we all believe in caring for our communities, families, and loved ones. We all want our neighbors to be safe and valued. And in Minneapolis, we’re having conversations across the city about the future of

Super-fast federal update 🏃‍♀️

This summer on Capitol Hill in 3 minutes or less Hope you’ve been taking care this summer. With the big infrastructure bill that just passed the Senate yesterday, I thought you might be interested

An attempt to divide + conquer: Part II in our series on honesty in education

Last week, we started our deep dive into the right wing’s manufactured panic around “Critical Race Theory.” If you missed it, check it out on our blog. This email is

Image of Minnesota being cut in half and toppling over

Envisioning and mobilizing for safety

At our first People’s Movement Assembly (PMA) on July 27, we held space with a dozen BIPOC neighbors in Minneapolis to envision a new path forward for public safety in our city. A few key

Graphic: What does safety mean to you? We're answering that question with our community by connecting, sharing, envisioning and mobilizing together at People's Movement Assemblies

The right wing’s latest attempt to distract and divide us

You’ve likely seen this on the news — or even heard about it from a neighbor. As a shorthand and to spark outrage, GOP operatives have co-opted and distorted a

Who is running for Minneapolis Mayor in 2021

Who is running for Mayor of Minneapolis? Kate Knuth (she/her) Kate Knuth is a former three-term state representative and sustainability scientist running for Mayor of Minneapolis in 2021. Endorsements: DFL

Vote for Sheila Nezhad and Kate Knuth for Minneapolis Mayor.