The Real Winners of Minnesota’s 2022 Election: Voters

In 2022, our democracy and our freedoms were on the ballot. We used our collective power at the polls to make our voices heard on the critical issues and compounding crises that matter most: defending our democracy, protecting our reproductive rights, transforming public safety, addressing the climate crisis, caring for our families and taking on greedy corporations that put profit before people. 

“There is no time for the same-old same-old:” Why I’m voting for Mary Moriarty for Hennepin County Attorney

I’m still thinking about Jaleel Stallings. I am troubled still that Mike Freeman’s Hennepin County Attorney office filed attempted murder charges against the Army veteran, who fired back at an

How I know every voter conversation matters

As TakeAction Minnesota’s data coordinator, I’m deeply invested in my work with our Field Team, using data to reach and mobilize voters for progressive, people-centered candidates and the communities we

Who is Kim Crockett, and why is she running for Secretary of State?

The Secretary of State is the chief elections officer. While elections are administered by local units of government, the Secretary of State’s office certifies elections returns, operates the statewide voter registration system, oversees other election duties. In addition to elections work, the Secretary of State’s office conducts the review, approval, and filings of all businesses and organizations in Minnesota.

We Deserve Affordable Prescription Drugs

Far too many Minnesotans are forced to choose between prescription drugs and other necessities, like rent and groceries. Many are even forced to go without their medications. It’s time to change the rules and create an official body that asks why prescription drugs are priced so high and starts getting these costs under control. We need to tell legislators to pick a side: Minnesota’s families or Big Pharma’s profits.

Pink and blue text on a white background, with a graphic silhouette of the State of Minnesota and the TakeAction Minnesota logo. "Prescription Drug Affordability Board"

“Door knocking is an act of care:” Why you should join LGBTQ+ people and allies to get out the vote for Aleta and Liz

On Thursday, October 20 and Friday, October 21, join us for a Deep Canvass door knock blitz in support of Aleta Borrud and Liz Boldon – two candidates for Minnesota

Who is running for Hennepin County Attorney? 

TakeAction Minnesota is proud to endorse Mary Moriarty for Hennepin County Attorney, a critical public office with broad authority to advance justice. This midterm election matters and there’s a clear choice. We need someone who will move toward interventions focused on public safety and treat everyone equally under the law. Mary Moriarty is the only candidate who will fight for the people in order to deliver true justice for all of us.  

Light blue and white text on a dark blue background: Who is running for Hennepin County Attorney?