More than a vote: transformational conversations for building power

TakeAction Volunteer Joey Giffen-Hunter

As we reflect on this year’s midterm elections, we’re all experiencing a wide range of emotions: joyfully celebrating the wins, learning from the losses, and desiring to recharge a bit. As things begin to settle in this moment, one thing is clear to me: now, more than ever, it’s up to us to bring about the change our lives depend on.  

Give now to sustain grassroots organizing and push for the change our communities need.  

After the murder of George Floyd, I volunteered weekly with TakeAction to have deep canvass conversations about reimagining public safety in Minneapolis. Deep canvassing is a transformational tool, used to have thought-provoking, open, and honest conversations with people to build power in movements. It’s a way to make genuine connections and – in sharing and listening – experience compassion with one another. This is the medicine we need to face the worry and pain of these challenging times.  

Since we started deep canvass conversations in 2020, I’ve had dozens of conversations with Minnesotans exchanging stories and leaving the calls feeling more connected and less alone. I’m proud to have contributed to the more than 21,000 deep canvass conversations TakeAction held this past election cycle encouraging Minnesotans to vote their values and elect candidates committed to pushing back against the status quo.  

Running elections programs that can hold 20,000 deep canvass conversations requires support: gathering and analyzing voter data and equipping staff and volunteers with the resources to organize powerfully. This is partly why I am a sustaining member at TakeAction, but on a deeper level, I need to face the brokenness in my community powerfully – together with you. We know that our power to change things happens to the degree that we are generous with our time, our brilliance, and our money.  

Join me and contribute to TakeAction Minnesota to fuel our collective work for a more just and joyful Minnesota. Together, we’re building a democracy that works for all of us. 

In solidarity, 

Joey Giffen-Hunter (he/him) 
Movement Politics Deep Canvass Volunteer