Knock on a stranger’s door to talk politics? These Minnesotans say sure!

A woman in a blue shirt handing pamphlets to a person at a door

“It was absolutely worth it, worth all of it. A lot of our candidates were elected into office. It’s really thrilling to be a part of that. And we had over 20,000 conversations with people. And from our primary data, we’ve seen that the people that we’ve made that initial connection with and then followed up with are almost 30% more likely to turn up and vote. So yes, it’s worth it to have these conversations.”

The Real Winners of Minnesota’s 2022 Election: Voters

In 2022, our democracy and our freedoms were on the ballot. We used our collective power at the polls to make our voices heard on the critical issues and compounding crises that matter most: defending our democracy, protecting our reproductive rights, transforming public safety, addressing the climate crisis, caring for our families and taking on greedy corporations that put profit before people.