We’re doing politics as it should be. It’s working. 

Graphic: "Movement Politics" in light blue and white, with the TakeAction logo, on a dark blue background

At TakeAction Minnesota, we came into this election season clear on the stakes and challenges of this moment. At every level of government, we know that we need more than Democratic majorities to protect our reproductive rights, climate, and democracy. We need progressive leaders in office who will be champions with us to transition from fossil fuels, transform public safety beyond policing, build a caring economy, and deliver reproductive justice. 

Our democracy is broken by design. We’re rebuilding it through collective wisdom, imagination and love.

Now, more than ever, we must imagine a new democracy. We’re imagining and building a future where our grief is transformed into profound collective action, and where each of us is ready to find a place in the movement to save each other instead of waiting for a politician or court to do it for us. When we act collectively, we have so much power.

Primary Elections: Opportunities for Progress

Primary Endorsements 2022

We at TakeAction Minnesota are excited to endorse a slate of candidates who are running in competitive primaries. These races give us a chance to look deeper at how our political system is or is not serving us. We’ve been talking about how ‘Not Just Any Blue Will Do.’ That choice is always starkest when we’re looking at two candidates from the same party.